I teach children and adults, beginners and advanced students. The lessons are given individually. I teach in my private studio on Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

piano-lesOn Thursdays I work at the Amsterdam music school, dep. Bachstraat. On Wednesdays at the Amsterdam music school, dep. Ijburg.

My philosophy: make music with pleasure. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
From Baroque to Boogie-woogie, jazz and pop. It depends on what you yourself like and would enjoy playing.
You learn to read notes and to play and recognize chords, music theory and piano technique.
That means not only attending classes but also studying at home. You therefore need to have a piano at home. If you are a beginner and have no piano at your disposal, I can give you advice about where you can buy one.

The first lesson is always a trial lesson, to see if there is a "click" between teacher and student. The trial lesson lasts 30 minutes and costs 30 euros.
There are 40 lessons in a year, each lesson last 40 minutes.
For very young children (up to 6 years old) 30 minute lessons are also possible. Adults can also have one hour lessons.

Twice a year I organize a student afternoon performance for the children. They then let their families and friends hear what they have learnt with the piano!